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Management Side

Enables monitoring and managing fleet.

Application Side

Commuters are able to see the buses and query busses destination as well as their fare and etc.

How to use it

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Step 1
Download App
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Step 2
Log-into the app image
Step 3
Log-into the app
Use app maps on searching buses
Step 4
Use app to check using your location and destination

Meet the Team

Jeanne Anne Gokotano


Myleen Gumba


Cebu Based Talents

this project was made possible by a group of students from metro cebu who found the need for information on the buses that travel all through out cebu. This students experienced first hand how it is to travel inter cebu to get to work, office and more.

We'd love to hear from you

We appreciate any feedback comments sent to us. Since we are still growing we'd like to know how we can improve this project. Help us by using this app and sending us your comments. Thank you.

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